Saint Morte


Saint Morte

This is a level is an Unreal Tournament deathmatch-style level I made in UDK. It’s made to resemble a real-life church in Malmö, though the environment around is quite different in reality. The inspiration to it came a lot from the Quake games but also some inspiration from Castlevania and Dark Souls. I’ve made all the art assets my self except the skybox, pickups and teleports which is UDK assets.

Quick fly through:

The level is designed for about 2-6 players in mind, so I kept it quite small and tight to keep the action going with some escape routes  leading to less populated areas, so players can get away from the heat and recharge. I also tried to add some cool events to the level in form of a breakable front window with a jump-pad leading to it and an open/closable door either used to escape or a vantage point. The first iteration took about 3 weeks half-time but I have added a bit after that so it’s probably a month’s work spread during a longer period of time.

Commented Development video:


If I were to continue working on this level The things I would change is to add some sort of cliff meshes to cover up stretching on steep terrain, make some sort of collapsed balcony for the elevated door and to just give it more detail so it would be less blocky. But on the whole I’m pretty satisfied with the results.