Worked as a Game Designer at iGotcha Studios from 2015 to 2018
Project description: Worked on a yet to be released location based game. Since June 2015

Cape Copenhagen Level Designer internship
Project description: Worked as a Level Design intern 2013-2014
Responsibilities: Worked on Dig It! A Digger Simulatior – Made levels, made some art, did some light scripting.

Personal projects:

Quake 3 Level for a Mapping contest

Made for a contest, click image for more info.

Puzzle Game made with Unity

A puzzle game I made in Unity, scripted with C#

Single Player Level for the first Quake game

A single player level for Quake made with Trenchbroom

Unreal Engine 4 whitebox challenge

A level I made for’s Unreal Tournament Whitebox Challenge

UDK Level

Unity Boss Battle